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Discover the simplest, most effective way to learn Video & Performance analysis. Complete the course in your own time and on any device. A unique opportunity to learn and improve as a coach.

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The online video analysis course

With 6 weeks to cover and over 400 minutes of video to watch.

Track Progress

track your progress throughout the course

400+ mins

400+ mins of Video Lessons to learn from

Expert Lecturers

Expert Lecturers to guide you through the course

Valuable CPD

Valuable CPD learn new skills in performance analysis

Vibrant Community

share your experience with other coaches

Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge with questions throughout the course.

How it works

The majority of the course is delivered via video ‘lectures’ with supporting text and documents where necessary. Each video will last between 5 - 15 minutes. The videos can be played on mobile devices so it is literally a course you can take anytime, anywhere. Each lesson will have a series of multiple choice quizzes that you will take. Progress is tracked and once you have completed the first lesson you can progress to the next.

Anytime, anywhere

Not only is the course packed with great quality content, it offers a unique flexible learning format. Log in from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc) at any time and learn for as long as you want, whether that’s ten minutes before work or an hour in the evening. The course normally takes 6 weeks to complete but you can go at whatever pace best suits you. If you’re in a rush there’s nothing to hold you back, if you’re busy you can slow down.

Unlock Your Potential

How would it feel to have clear, accurate information on both your own team’s performance and that of the opposition? It would make your time with players and coaches more constructive, working on what actually matters, preparing for the opposition and improving your team. Performance analysis can have a significant transformative effect on your team’s performance. This course will give you a comprehensive tool kit of essential skills to realise the potential in your team and get the best possible results from them.

Tons of features

  • Access from phone, tablet or desktop
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Excellent CPD opportunity
  • Analyse real game footage
  • Watch informative video lectures
  • Multiple choice “quiz” style assessment
  • Choose the right performance indicators
  • Explore computerised analysis
  • Assess technique & mental skills
  • Master data management & analysis
  • Utilise the power of good feedback
  • Many More…

30 Day Money Back

Secure Checkout

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“My cholesterol dropped from 8.6 – 4.8, I lost almost 19kg and the food was absolutely gorgeous!” Brian did the course for 8 weeks

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